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Definition and Scope

Definition and Scope

Under the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation issued by the Royal Life Saving Society of Queensland, The Glennie Aquatic Centre (GAC) is defined as a Low Patronage (LP1) venue.

A low patronage venue has consistently fewer than 50 patrons in the water at any time. This count does not include any programs that the centre operates such as Learn to Swim classes, squad programs, water aerobics and school swimming programs.

Where there is an increase in patronage due to factors such as school holidays, seasonal or unseasonal hot weather, school carnivals, community festivals, community group picnics or family days, the LP1 definition does not apply and lifeguard/s must be on active duty supervising the swimmers at the venue during this time.

The Glennie Aquatic Centre Operations Manual (GAC-OM) has been written to outline procedures for the safe operation of the facility. Copies of the manual are distributed according to the Distribution List (Attachment 1). The original electronic file is stored on the Glennie Portal. It is the responsibility of the Glennie Aquatic Centre Manager to review and update the Operations Manual as required and an annual review is carried out as part of the GAC’s Quality Assurance Internal Audit. (Attachment 10)