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Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

The only electrical equipment used in the pool area is the pool vacuum. There is no need for other electrical equipment to be used near the pool. The exception would be in the case of repairs or maintenance which are carried out only when the pool has no bathers.

  • Stored: On the east wall more than three metres from the edge of the pool.
  • Power Supply: More than three metres from the pool
  • Vacuum power lead: Is less than 1m long and prevents the vacuum from breaching the 3m safety zone between the power point and the pool.
  • Vacuum power supply: is connected to RDC with operating current not exceeding 30ma (milli-amps)
  • Operation: The vacuum is used after the GAC is closed to the public
  • Extension leads: There are no extension leads in the pool area.
  • In the event that electrical equipment has to be used next to pool, GAC safety precautions require that:
  • Equipment is earth leakage protected by means of a safety switch in the GAC switchboard.
  • Electrical equipment is tagged and tested annually to AS/NZ xxx
  • Power outlets are located at least 3 metres from the pool and one metre above floor level.
  • Electrical equipment is not left unattended.
  • Electrical cords are kept clear of the concourse to prevent electrocution or falls
  • Electrical equipment is not used near the pool or wet surfaces when patrons are in the pool
  • Workers/technicians must not use electrical equipment or carry out repairs to equipment or fixtures when standing on wet surfaces
  • Appropriate footware (rubber soled shoes) must be worn
Electrician only
Only qualified technicians carry out electrical installations or repairs

In an emergency situation where electrocution is possible, GAC staff are instructed to follow the Emergency Evacuation Plan.

Fault reporting

  • Withdraw faulty electrical equipment from use immediately the fault is detected.
  • GAC staff to complete a Maintenance Request (Attachment 8)
  • Electrical equipment must be repaired or replaced.