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Evacuation Procedure

Swimming Supervisors on duty are the nominated GAC Emergency Evacuation Co-ordinators (Warden)

All other staff (Sub-Warden) are expected to follow the directions of the Evacuation Co-ordinator.

  1. Stay Calm
  2. Raise the Alarm
  • Activate Emergency Alarm
  • Smash the glass at a Manual Call Point to activate the alarm
  • The emergency alarm should still operate in a power failure
  • Breaking the Manual Call Point will automatically enact the school alarm system and alert the monitoring station.
  • If you need emergency services call 000 direct

In the event the automatic emergency alarm system fails to activate, use voice commands

An example of a public warning would be:

This is an emergency, please leave the building through the nearest exit and assemble on the School oval immediately.

        3. Call 000

Calling from GAC Office or Reception dial 0 then 000

Calling from a mobile 000

Provide the details of the emergency and the building address
    The Glennie Aquatic Centre
    Vacy Street, Toowoomba

        4. Assist

Assist special needs persons and all other patrons to evacuate the building through the closest safe exit.

        5. Check

If safe to do so. Check that everyone is out of the building

        6. Assemble

Assemble all patrons at the designated Assembly Area on the Glennie School Oval

        7. Inform

Inform the evacuation co-ordinator of the number of persons evacuated, or persons not accounted for.
Meet the fire service on arrival, provide as much information as possible.