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In the event of fire, staff will.

  • Investigate the fire situation.

  • If there is any doubt whether there is a fire situation, the Fire Service should still be called.

  • Ensure the safe evacuation of all occupants from the building

  • Account for all staff and patrons at the assembly area

  • Ensure patrons and staff do not attempt to re-enter the building until it is safe to do so.

  • Meet the Fire Service and advise them of any information relevant

In the event of the fire being located, staff will:

  • Ensure the evacuation of the building – alert all occupants without further compromising live and assist those which are persons with special needs

  • Attempt to extinguish the fire if safe to do so – if the fire is small enough, use a nearby fire extinguisher to control and extinguish the fire

  • Evacuate the building If the first attempt to put out the fire does not succeed

  • Meet the Fire Service on arrival and inform them of the situation. If the fire has been extinguished, the Fire Service will still attend.

Staff must not fight the fire if the following conditions exist:

  • They have not been trained or instructed in using a fire extinguisher

  • They don’t know what is burning

  • The fires is spreading rapidly

  • They don’t have the proper equipment

  • The fire might block their means of escape

  • There is a risk of inhaling toxic smoke

  • Their instincts tell them not to do so.

Operating fire equipment

For staff trained in the use of fire fighting equipment

Fire Extinguishers

It is important to select the right extinguisher. Do not fight electrical or chemical fires with water.

  1. Select appropriate extinguisher for type of fire

  2. Pull pin from  squeeze handle

  3. Test extinguisher by squeezing handles briefly

  4. Approach fire aiming nozzle at base of fire

  5. Squeeze handles and operate extinguisher in a sweeping motion

Hose Reels

Hose reels are used on fires involving wood, paper and textiles only. They are not to be used on electrical fires or flammable liquids

  1. To release the hose reel, turn the valve on to charge the hose and release the nozzle

  2. Pull the hose to the fire.

  3. Twist the nozzle (like a garden hose) to adjust spray or jet of water.