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Practicing emergency procedures

Practicing Emergency Procedures


Emergency evacuation procedures are practiced annually (drill).

Practice evacuations are included as part of our annual Quality Assurance Checklist

See also In-Service Training (page 11)

New Employees

On the day of induction the Fire Safety Adviser will give any new employee instruction on General Evacuation Instructions and First Response Instruction.

Building Fires Safety Regulations dictate that general evacuation instructions must be given within two days of starting work in the building and first response instructions within a month of starting work in the building. Both sets of instructions may be given at the same time.

Existing Employees

For existing employees general evacuation instructions will be given annually and first response instruction bi-annually.

Instruction will be given by the Fire Safety Adviser and recorded.

Evacuation co-ordinator

Nominated staff (Wardens and Sub-Wardens) will receive evacuation coordination procedures one month prior to taking on the role and annually after that.

Evacuation coordination procedures will be given by the Fire Safety Adviser and recorded.

Public Alert

In the event of a drill, the evacuation alarm system will alert patrons.

Employees will follow emergency evacuation procedures.

The public will be expected to follow the directions of GAC employees.