Other Programs


Even though we are located at The Glennie School and the Glennie Students use the facilities, we welcome schools from the wider community to hold their swimming carnivals and school learn to swim lessons during the year at the Aquatic Centre. We already have a number of schools swimming so if you are interested in having your school attend please contact us for booking information. CLICK HERE for further info.


Home to the Toowoomba Tadpoles, the Glennie Aquatic Centre offers the perfect place to train, out of the Toowoomba weather, with the Aussi Masters. Aussi Masters training is for swimmers aged 18 years and over who want to perfect their technique and keep fit. Members of the community are invited to come along, get fit and improve your swimming in a relaxed and fun environment.

Training is held Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 6:30pm –7:30pm and Sunday mornings from 7:30am  to 8:30am


  • 45 MIN TREATMENT $50
Experience the joy of floating weightless in warm water whilst receiving stretch and massage. The warm water relaxes your muscles and the buoyancy of the water relieves pressure only our joints and spine. H2Flow facilitates movements not possible on land and is one of the most relaxing experiences possible. H2flow is beneficial for relaxation, stress, arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, increasing flexibility and more. Click here for useful links.

Contact the Aquatic Centre for bookings. 07 46 88 88 45


Keep your eye out for our Family Fun Days, this is a day on chosen weekends where we open the pool for families to come and swim, it is a day where parents & carers can get in the water with the kids and have fun using copious amounts of equipment. On these days food and beverages will be available and very often other fun activities such as face painting.