Accelerator Programs

Holiday Accelerator Programs

The kids can continue swimming over the holidays in our Accelerator Programs. These programs usually operate during Easter, Spring and the December/ January Holidays.

These Accelerator Blocks are week-long blocks promoting frequent swimming classes across a short period of time. So unlike regular swimming lessons, where kids are exposed to one or two sessions a week, these booster-like blocks provide up to five lessons in one week and for 45 minutes as opposed to the usual 30min lessons.

The specialised program has the potential to significantly improve a child’s confidence, skill, and performance in a short time frame.

Swim Australia says while year-round swimming classes are advised - especially in an aquatic rich country like Australia - ‘Booster Blocks’, ‘Intensity Weeks’ or ‘Accelerator Programs’ are a fantastic way to help kids catch up on their swimming skills, or quickly prepare them for the season ahead.

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